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Heron Business Services Limited has a 30 year track record of consistency and excellence in the advisory industry and specifically for delivering high quality communications results in the private / public partnership space.Relationships with clients and media have been nurtured over the years resulting in a professional intimacy with the key stakeholders that is based on mutual trust and respect. The client knows that we will deliver, on time, and at high standards.

At Heron despite unprecedented growth in the past 12 months, the company prides itself on its unequalled delivery levels for clients.

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30 years  track record of   consistency and excellence

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Heron has arrived at a position where it can confidently take on the communication and advisory challenges of multinational and local companies with a passion unmatched in Zambia.


Our Firm

As the nation s foremost expert in consulting for emergingcompanies, Heron Business Services has worked with CEOs and management of emerging companies, helping them clarify their objectives, address their challenges, and achieve their companys growth and profitability goals.We help our clients not only identify the issues that may be preventing them from achieving breakaway performance, we help them develop and implement the right strategic decisions to successfully reach new levels of profitability.

Our Knowledge

Since inception, Heron has been following the journeys of growing companies from inception to maturity. We have seen both tremendous success and disappointing failure. We have seen what works and what doesnt. We are able to help our clients anticipate forces in the road, and can sit down with them at any point in their entrepreneurial voyage and show them the map.Heron not only taps into, but also expands upon, this existing knowledge base by delving deeply into growing companies to identify best practices and turn them into usable information and methodologies for managers and their organisations.
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Our People

Each Heron Consultant brings an average of 10 years of experience to assisting our clients in dealing with their issues. Many of our consultants are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, having owned or managed their own business so they are keenlyaware of the challenges that face today s growing company. We know that when companies search for a consultant, they not only want someone who s skilled and knowledgeable, they want someone who has walked the walk .
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Our mission is to provide emerging and middle-market clients with information, strategies and tools to build value in their organisations and better manage their own destinies.

Heron Business Services vision is to be recognised as the leading resource for building the most successful emerging and middle- market growth companies in Africa.We intend to achieve this goal by providing quality service to growing companies as a recognised leader in professional services. We are also establishing ourselves as an international presence as we begin to open offices across the continent. By identifying ourselves to consultants as a great place to work, we attract the best talent possible. Based on the reputation of our cutting-edge strategic alliances and the success stories of our clients, Heron Business Services.Limited is mentioned in some business publications.

Heron Business Services is based on a set of values. We know that the most successful business relationships occur when the interests of all parties involved are accounted for. We want what is best for our clients, our employees and the company. At Heron, we listen to our clients, and we put their needs first. Once their expectations are set, we service not only to meet, but to exceed them. This desire to exceed our clients expectations keep.Heron committed to hard work, innovation and creativity. In addition, we are always trying to profitably build our partners business along ours.

We know that everyone is different, so we dedicate ourselves to team work by respecting each other s unique abilities and contributions. We conduct our business with honest, integrity, professionalism, and mature respect.