At Heron we divide projects into stages, each of which corresponds to a key decision point.
Appraise determine project feasibility and alignment with business strategy. Select select the preferred project option(s). Define finalize project scope, cost and schedule and get project funded. Execute produce an operating asset consistent with scope, cost and schedule. Operate evaluate asset to ensure performance to specs and maximum return to the shareholders.
We call this Heron Capital Value Process – CVP Each stage has a Gate, which forces the Gatekeeper, and project team to make appropriate decisions. Decisions and the rationale behind them, including associated uncertainties, are captured in a
Decision Support Package (DSP). The stage activities are those necessary to develop information required for the DSP. Successful
implementation requires appropriate supporting behaviour (e.g. effective cross-functional teams). Process has the flexibility for the
content to vary according to the project size and complexity. Assurance provides confidence CVP is followed and that projects
will deliver business results (benchmarking, peer reviews, etc).

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